Concept Innovations Inc

Our network of Member Professionals are dedicated to assisting Entrepreneurs achieve their  dreams......


Concept Innovations Inc. was founded  by a group of individuals who came from various professional backgrounds and who all bring a wealth of real life  business experience and technical training to the company. The senior management group of  Concept Innovations Inc initially came together to develop a number of  new and innovative business products for the market place.

From these new initiatives, came a realization that the process of bringing highly trained professionals together was not only a successful  business development model, but the concept has now proved to be a product in itself.

This new business consulting division is predicated on the idea that many smaill and medium business Entrepreneurs do not enjoy access to a specialized group of professionals, who collectively, provide the critical  core training, experience and expertise needed by companies. 

Concept Innovations Inc is dedicated to providing powerful business solutions and innovations to existing or new business Entrepreneurs. We can achieve this through our extensive network of experienced, knowledgeable and well trained professionals who are committed to helping Entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Our contributing Professionals include current and retired Presidents, CFOs and CEOs of private companies, as well as current or former senior leaders and managers from government, engineering, health and safety, project management, risk management, surety, legal and banking/financing industries.

There is a cost for our services, but the rates are substantially less than what our Professionals traditionally charged  while working within their Professional Organizations.

If you have questions, or wish addtional information on some of the current projects Concept Innovations Inc. is working on, please feel free to contact the President of Concept Innovations Inc. CONTACT THE PRESIDENT.



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