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"Our network of member Professionals are dedicated to assisting Entrepreneurs achieve their dreams"

If you are an experienced Entrepreneur who is facing the challenges of  changing business markets, or an individual with a great idea for a new business venture or an innovative product, we can help.

Concept Innovations Inc. is not a traditional Angel Network where Entrepreneurs are required to commit to huge investments back to the Angel Group. However, similar to traditional Angel Networks, business entrepreneurs are able to draw from a wealth of information and experience from the professionals who are part of  the Concept Innovations Inc. Group.

There is a cost for our services, but the rates are substantially less than what our Professionals traditionally charged  while working within their Professional Organizations. Some of our Professions include:

 1. Contract CEO/CFO                                5. Surety and Bonding

 2. Contract  Health and Safety Advisors      6. Construction Management

 3. WCB Claims Management                     7. Bank Financing

 4. Contract Civil Engineering                     8. Risk and Contract Management

     Our Services Also Include:

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Our network of Member Professionals are dedicated to assisting Entrepreneurs achieve their  dreams......


1. New Business Ventures: We will review new and innovative business services  or product ideas and will provide strategic planning, research, product/service development, marketing, and financial support throughout the "set up" stage of the new Venture.   The Professionals at Concept Innovations can prepare your forecasts, management and reporting systems and bank financing proposals. 

2. Existing Business Operations: Concept Innovations Inc can provide consulting and mentoring expertise to assist the business in becoming more efficient, effective and profitable.

3. Business Expansion: We will assist the Company in developing a strategic plan for implementing market or product expansion. We can also draw from a network  of  staff to fill a wide range of positions.

4. Training and Reference Manuals: We offer a number of products that assist Entrepreneurs in addressing key components of the business. These Manuals are custom developed for your business. See the Products